DeFi and Gaming meet Play Earn crypto

The official DeFi launchpad & token of the CinemaDraft game

  • Fast Eddie Felson, THE COLOR OF MONEY

“I had the most absurd nightmare. I was poor and no one liked me.”

- Louis Winthrope III, TRADING PLACES

The in-game token for the CinemaDraft gaming platform that also doubles as the star of your DeFi portfolio.

  • BUSD-based: USD stablecoin on Binance Smart Chain
  • whale-free: max transaction = 0.15% of token supply
  • HODL-friendly: 5% added fee to sell
  • crazy deflationary: 10% transaction fee
  • 6% in dividends
  • 1.6% in buyback & burn
  • 2.4% burned to reduce supply

CD3D is the native, in-app token for the CinemaDraft daily fantasy sports (DFS)-style entertainment gaming platform featuring your favorite Hollywood stars.



20M CD3D sold and distributed in batch (Dutch) auction sale


Pre-burned = 2.4% of transactional activity of the contract


Locked for the first 90 days, released quarterly in quarter installments every 90 days for 1 year to CinemaDraft, LLC


33% locked for 2 years


Locked, released monthly in 500K CD3D tranches for 40 months:70% to CD3D DEX, 30% to others

Commodity Jackpot Fund

Locked with 500K CD3D every 90 days for 4 years to active CinemaDraft players meeting minimum play requirements


75% to holders

(6% of each transaction)

  • 15% to CinemaDraft, LLC
  • 7% to Community Rewards
  • funds the Star Cards digital collectibles of celebrity NFTs (like Sorare) that earn tokens from performance in CinemaDraft games
  • 3% to Staking Rewards
  • all wallets with tokens held 30 days or longer will receive their proportional share of a dedicated staking pool of funds taken from each transaction ○ distributed every 24 hours

Games every week

Enjoy a steady flow of volume into the contract with new games on the CinemaDraft platform. New shows, movies, and movie stars every single week.




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